The Process

At Xzibit Pools and Spas we understand the importance that our customers have a clear understanding of not only the actual Construction procedure but of the entire process from the time of agreement to the final completion of the swimming pool.

Our office will update you weekly as the pool progresses through the approval stage. You will also be informed the day before when any construction works will be undertaken. Your privacy and ability to go about your daily routine with minimum impact for us is paramount.

We will meet with you onsite prior to the physical construction process commencing to mark out the pool area and finalise any access requirements.

There will never be a time we are intending to visit or work onsite and you will now know.

Stage 1 – Design and Approvals


Once the agreement is in place we are underway.

We work closely with our engineers and commence constructing the layout and engineering requirements of your pool.

A great deal of attention to detail is taken during this process and Xzibit Pools and Spas will liaise with you throughout the process to ensure that we provide you with your expectations.

We are also able to work in with your landscape architects to create your outdoor living area.

Stage 2 – Structural Works


Once your pool has been approved our office will arrange an appointment with you to visit site and mark out the designated pool area. Access points will be confirmed and we will detail with you Stage 1 of the Construction process

We will meet onsite with the excavator to go through the requirements for the intended works. The excavators have a vast amount of experience in all conditions. They have the ability to carry out both standard and mini dig excavations based on access capabilities.

When the hole has been excavated the steel and form workers will carry out the installation of the reinforced steel as per the engineering plans. This forms to structural integrity of the swimming pool and we undertake regular checks and measurements throughout the process. A certification inspection is undertaken once all steel and formwork is completed and structural sign off of the pool is granted.

We will then undertake the preliminary plumbing and electrical works to the swimming pool. The pipework and ancillaries are strategically positioned to have the maximum filtered water flow and lighting effect in your pool.

Now that the excavation, steel structure and plumbing is in place it is time to concrete the pool. This is a very exciting time for us all as you will finally be able to see the pool shell concreted and shaped to perfection. At this time we will position any steps and ledges to best suit accessibility in and out of the pool or rest and relax within the pool. Any walkways, feature or retaining walls will also be concreted at this time so they form a structural part of the pool. This maximises the structural integrity of components.

We recommend that if you have never built a swimming pool before, spend a couple of hours watching the concrete process as it unfolds. It is visually very interesting.

Stage 3 – The Visual and Operating Works


Once the pool has been concreted it will need to site for 28 days to fully cure before the next stage can be undertaken.

This is a good time to go shopping! If you haven’t already now is the time finalise your selections for coping, paving, and tiles. We can recommend supplier of quality products that are suitable for a swimming pool environment that will visit you at your home so you don’t need to worry about travelling. If we a doing a Complete Management Package for you where we are also supplying the various products for you, these are the suppliers we would use. The quality, longevity and visual appearance of the products is first class without the price tag.

At this point we will carry out the installation of the coping and any extended paving areas around the pool, the waterline tiling and the filtration equipment.

If you have any other components such as water features, retaining walls or pool heating system, these items will also be completed during this stage.

This is the time when any electrical, gas, plumbing works or structural landscaping should be done. We will work in with your trades and liaise on your behalf. If we are doing a Complete Management Package all of these items will fall directly under our scope of works.

We would recommend that any soft landscaping is done once the swimming pool it completed.

Stage 4 – Fencing


Generally once the coping and paving areas are completed your pool fencing will be installed. This is possibly the most important process in the completion stage of your swimming pool. All the pool fencing will need to be erected and certified prior to the swimming pool being filled with water. The certifiers will carry out a detailed inspection and check measurements to ensure the pool and boundary fences comply with regulations.

If we are doing a Complete Management Package all of these items will fall directly under our scope of works.

Once the fence has been certified we can commence the final stages of the swimming pool.

Stage 5 – Finishing Touches


The swimming pool will be cleaned out and prepared for the interior lining. This preparation works will include sealing around all pipe and light penetrations and a pre works inspection carried out by the lining applicator to sign off the concrete shell is up to the required standard.

The application process will take 1 day (the process is longer for fully tiles pools). In this time the chosen interior product will be mixed and applied to the concrete shell. The product will be washed to remove excess cement and to expose the colour of your finished interior lining and the pool will be filled with water. Depending on your water pressure, a standard size swimming pool will fill in approximately 24 hours.

If you are having a fully tiled pool, the process will follow the same guidelines.

As you pool will fill with water it will give off an appearance of an Aqua Green colour. Don’t be concerned as this happens with all applications. Once chemicals are added the pool will achieve the intended colour.

Once the swimming pool is full of water we will visit site to carry out the chemical treatment of the water and start up the filtration equipment. We will manually clean the pool, set up time clocks for operating the filtration equipment and install your pool cleaner.

We would like to run the swimming pool equipment for 24 hours initially to bring the water to standard as quickly as possible.

Final Stage – It’s All Yours


Once the swimming pool is at the standard required for using we will meet with you onsite and carry out a detailed handover of the pool. This will include a how to operate the filtration equipment and any other items such as cleaners, lights and water features. We will show you how to test your water and understand the different chemical levels required to keep your swimming pool fresh and beautiful all year round.

Time for a swim and for Xzibit Pools and Spa to leave you, your family and friends in peace to enjoy a swimming pool we can be proud to of built, and you will enjoy for many years.

By Paul Seaton

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