5 Points to Help You Find the Right Pool Builder

1. Do Your Research Before Calling

Trying to find the right pool builder can be difficult but it can also be very easy. The internet is full of forums and chat rooms to help you seek advice. Whirlpool and Product Review are two of the best for information and referrals.

Google also have a star rating system that can also be helpful. Companies are star rated based on the reviews they receive.

Any good reputable builder would also be willing to provide you references for pools they have completed. Nothing is better than viewing previous work they have done and being able to speak to a past customer.

2. Too Good to be True

Unfortunately for the customer quotes for your swimming pool will differ in regards to inclusions and exclusions.

My best advice is to make yourself a spreadsheet and check each quote you obtain against the information you have gathered on your spreadsheet. Don’t fall for the cheap on paper quote that turns into a cost hidden nightmare.

If it isn’t included in the quote you can be guaranteed it isn’t included.

3. Salesperson v Builder

Many people can be put off by dealing with a salesperson rather than a builder directly.

There are many sales people in the pool industry who are very experienced and have great product knowledge, it can be a mine field though.

This is generally because a pool salesperson is trying to sell you something for someone else to build and a builder wants to build you a pool and you pay for their expert hands on knowledge and experience.

Ask yourself the question, would I rather deal with the same ONE person all the way through the process from start to finish or, having to deal with various people to have my pool built.

4. We Don’t Have Time

Do you find yourself these days with very little time to do the things you want to do? No enough quality time with your family?

The last thing you probably want to be doing is half the work to have your pool built and finished. Whether it is organising the approvals for the pool, arranging an electrician or plumber, getting quotes and arranging for the pool fence to be done or doing the extra concrete works around the pool you may want.

If you don’t have the time to do all this extra work you need to find someone who is able to do a complete project management package for you.

In the long run, you will not only have more time to do what you enjoy and less headaches but your pool will most likely be completed quicker and you will probably even save some money.

5. Who Do I Feel Most Comfortable With?

Price is always a major consideration when deciding on a pool builder, what needs to be considered just as importantly is who makes me feel comfortable?

Whoever you choose to be the builder of your family swimming pool they are going to be in your lives for approximately 16 weeks, you need to be able to trust the person and be comfortable not only to build your pool but to have access to your property.

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